AI Takeover

One of the first assignments I chose to do was a Visual Assignment in relation to the field of AI. The assignment asked us to create an image that showed certain depictions of something happening and then having a phrase somewhere else on the page that completely contradicted it. So, to fit in with the world of AI, I decided to create an image of what some would called, an “unusual” use of AI, in which case the user is asking the robot to complete their taxes. Now the main reason behind why this is will be revealed soon, but for now, it is important to note that this situation was chosen for a specific reason. Moving on, you can see that the robot was able to successfully interpret the question and come up with a solution as any good AI bot would. This entire conversation or short talk was what the assignment description referred to as a “certain depiction,” and the following was added to create a contradictory statement: “Never learn anything ever again!!!” I chose to add this line because over the years people learn to do their taxes through school, college, parents, and even from just the internet, but now that we live in a world where AI is looking to be the main point of contact to get things done, people would never have to learn how to do anything ever again. A lot of people use AI to get help on assignments and ask for clarification on topics, however, if it gets to the point where it can complete things such as a person’s taxes, there will no longer be any need for learning and what AI was built for would no longer be its main reason for being used. As a result, I think that these poster creates a good depiction of what AI might look like in the future along with the idea that its somewhat contradictory because AI will no longer be used for learning rather getting stuff done and not learning anything.

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