Avengers Assemble!

The final assignment that I chose to work on was an animated GIF assignment. This assignment required me to create a GIF of a scene from my favorite movie that captures the essence of the idea behind the GIF. One of the requirements was also to make sure that the GIF involved minimal movement so that the image was not too busy. I decided to make my GIF in relation to the movie, Avengers: Infinity War. This clip happened closer to the end of the movie when the three characters, Groot, Thor, and Rocket Raccoon all landed back on Earth in a place called Wakanda after being off world for a decent amount of time. This scene really stuck out to me because while watching the movie, I always thought about how cool the scene looked when they were all ganging up together to help take down Thanos, who was the villain of the movie. The caption “Let’s Go Boys!!! Time to Work!!!” was written by me because the picture looks like they are getting ready to go to war, which they are, and so the motivational words seemed fitting for the time and picture being used. Also, since I am part of a team here at UMW, it make sense for me to create an image that shows of camaraderie because any time we have a match we are getting ready and playing our matches as a team and we want everyone to succeed. Therefore, I think this image and caption really relates to my life as well just looking really good overall. I enjoyed making this GIF because I think it is something that I can use in the future and will be nice to know that I was the one to make it.


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  2. Latifah Lee

    I loved this scene in the movie! Hello fellow Marvel fan here and I loved all of the Avengers movie. I will say I think this one was one of my favorite scenes from this one.

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