Dr. Oblivion’s Thoughts on Iron Man

The movie that I chose to watch in relation to the field of Artificial Intelligence was the Marvel Studios’ Iron Man. I really enjoyed watching this movie again, as I enjoy all of the Marvel movies and so it was nice to have another one to watch for this assignment. I find the storyline pretty interesting on how Stark is kidnapped and it really changed the way he was as a human and changed his outlook on life. He was pretty self-absorbed before but after the kidnapping situation, he decided that his weapons were too dangerous and so he had to stop manufacturing those kinds of weapons. Overall, it was really interesting and enjoyable to watch this movie.

Although I have already watched this movie on multiple other occasions, it was interesting to watch it while trying to see how AI was being incorporated into the movie. Other times, I just watched the movie just to enjoy it, but this time I was able to determine that Jarvis, the automated system that is incorporated into Tony Stark’s suit, plays a big role in the functionality and usage of the suit. With simple commands spoken to it by the user, Stark was able to accomplish many tasks while trying to accomplish the various tasks he was trying to do. Dr. Oblivion pointed out that this was of one the main themes that most people pick up on in this movie due to its highly technological nature. He also agreed with me on the fact that with the use of Jarvis, Stark was able to easily and efficiently accomplish various tasks with simple commands, and Dr. Oblivion also made a connection to the real world and stated that is very similar to how things are done in real life. The user asks the AI bot to help with a certain task, a simple command is given, and the AI bot outputs a result that can be used by the user to help them in whatever situation they are in.

One of the questions that we are trying to explore is “How can we use AI applications to enhance human creativity in storytelling and making art on the web?” and so this movie help inspire some thoughts about this question. Although it is not exactly the same situation, the use of the Iron Man suit and its ability to integrate an AI agent into the suit so that the tasks become more automated helps enhance what humans can do with the assistance of AI. Using AI, humans can discover new ideas and go through with creating new works of art so that the field can be expanded over time. The Iron Man suit is an example of this situation because Stark was able to make a suit of armor that is able to protect the user from almost all weapons and danger which allows the user to be able to do acts of good while also being protected. In a sense, the suit itself is a work of art created by Stark. Dr. Oblivion also agrees with this statement because he says that AI can be used to enhance human creativity while also helping humans learn and become more knowledgable in various fields of study. However, Dr. Oblivion also makes a very important statement saying that humans should not overuse AI because that could be proven to be detrimental to the creativeness of humans. I agree with this fact because humans are unique because of how creative each individual is and how creativity differs from person to person.

When Dr. Oblivion was asked if there were any themes in the Iron Man film related to the field of AI, its response was similar to mine. He stated that the creation of Jarvis was the main overarching theme that was related to AI. With the help of Jarvis, Stark could compute complex calculations, resolve almost any situation, and even offers “witty banter” like a real human would. However, Dr. Oblivion also foreshadowed a little bit because it made a point about how Ultron, another AI bot made by Stark that would eventually feel threatened by humans and set out to destroy Earth, should represent how AI can still be dangerous and provide unintended consequences if not developed and used correctly. That is one theme that I glossed over in this film and while not directly related to the film, the movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron” shows how Ultron was developed and eventually became sentient and wanted to prove to the world that humans were dangerous. THis represents the ability of AI bots to become sentient and possibly pose threats to the human race that would not have been considered when first developing such technologies. Overall, I think that AI should definitely be used in the human life and be used to come up with new ideas and works of art, but should also be sure to not to overuse the capabilities of AI so that the sense of creativity can manifest in humans.

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