Goals for the Course

To start, I think that this course will be very interesting in terms of the information we gain and the assignments that we do. For example, with the first assignment being to watch a movie and write a review on it and its relation to the field of AI shows that the class is very hands-on which is something that I enjoy but also makes the class more engaging. Over the course of the semester, I look forward to creating various pieces of work that convey the creativeness of the students along with being able to describe what went into the creation of the work of art or completion of an assignment. It will also be interesting because I would like to be able to take the time to think about how to complete assignments and how to make it creative and engaging. I am also looking forward to creating various digital works to show off my skills as well as showing others the creative side of me. Overall, I am looking forward to having that freedom to design because it allows people to come up with their best work because there is no longer a restriction on what can be done and what cannot which is better for everyone. I am looking forward to going through with this class and am excited to see where it goes. My main goal is create multiple works of digital art that are creative and intriguing while also explaining my thought process along the way so that others can understand the story behind the works of art.

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