Meet the Innovator – Xander Neoteric

Meet Xander Neoteric. Xander was born on December 25th, 1995 and raised in San Francisco, California to Hannah Neoteric and Thomas Neoteric. From a young age, Xander was always in love with the field of technology, thanks to his father’s devotion to creating and transforming the world of technology. Unfortunately, his dad was never able to accomplish his dreams. Xander’s father always saw something in his son that no one else did, he was always wanting to learn more and experiment with his various ideas that were always rushing through his head. Xander is a big man, standing at a tall 6-feet 6-inches, and weighing in at about 250 pounds, Xander is not your ordinary techno person.

Xander currently lives his life single without any care for the world about having or being in a relationship due to the fact that he is always occupied with his work and his own mind. He is trying to innovate and change the world of technology while living up to the legacy his father left behind. After graduating from MIT as his class’s valedictorian, Xander was on a mission to hit his first big milestone of his career and started his own technology company Xander Technologies. He company took off quicker than it even started after he invented a new way to perform difficult surgeries by having an AI bot built into the surgery table that gave in-depth x-rays to the surgeon so that he could carefully carry out highly difficult surgeries. Xander has a lot more to show for him and this is only the beginning of his legacy-starting story. Xander is also a little self-absorbed due to the fact that in an interview, he once said that his favorite possession was his mind. I am sure that we will see and hear a lot more of Xander in the future.


  1. Peter Leese

    Hi there! I thought your blog post about Xander Neotric was interesting to read. I know you chose the name intentionally because it is an innovative name. Xander is really self-absorbed, as you mentioned at the end, which is what I inferred from his photo. His vein of wealth, technological expertise, and veinality almost make him resemble Tony Stark. Was there a particular reason you decided to designate Xander as an innovator? With the AI bot he developed to assist surgeons during some of the most challenging surgeries, it appears that Xander is having a significant impact on the entire world. What do you think Xander might invent in the future?

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