My First Radio Bumper!

This week I got the chance to experiment with various sounds and the Audacity program. One of the first things that I did was create a radio bumper for the 106.1 radio station. I picked this station because it is in line with the DS106 tag line and also is a radio station that I always listened to growing up. I decided in order to create the radio bumper, I first needed to decide what kinds of sounds and music the radio would play, and so I decided on pop, rap, country, and the current top hits in the country. This was just like the actual radio station I used to listen to and it had a good overview of different songs to keep people interested. Like any radio station, I also decided to add the tag line “exclusive interviews” in my radio bumper to attract even more people. Some of the advertising in my radio bumper sounds a little unoriginal, however, I think that it was still important to include it into the final product to add a sense of cohesiveness to the overall bumper. You can find the radio bumper that I created at the link below.

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