My Latest Story… BUT With No Words!!!

One the assignments that we got to do this week was to create a sound effect story. This means that we had to create a short (less than 90 seconds) sound clip that tells a story. I have my sound effect story uploaded to my SoundCloud and you can find it below. At times, I noticed that sometimes the sounds were a little difficult to make out. That is one thing that really interested me, because while telling a story is so easy with words, it becomes a lot more difficult when the only thing you can use is sounds because those sounds need to be so precise in order to try and convey the message you are trying to explain. The basic idea of my sound effect story was about a man who was driving down a slick, icy road and his car had spun out and he had crashed into a ditch. The clip starts off with wind howling to try and portray the idea that the person was moving fast and then a car crash sound comes in. Once that happens, the man walks on snow, which can be heard through the crunching snow sound clip, and then finds a cabin. He opens the door, which can once again be heard and then he starts a fire with the crackling in the background. He then begins to make himself a cup of tea which you can hear him pour it and then proceeds to take a shower because he is all dirty and cold from the walk to the cabin, which can also be heard at the end of the sound clip. That is as far as my story goes for right now and I liked the ending because it leaves a mysterious atmosphere around because you do not really know what happened to the man or if he got help. I enjoyed doing this assignment and it was cool to see how the different sounds could come together to make one final product that told a story.

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