No Pictures? No Problem, We Got Sounds!

In this blog post, I am going to be discussing some thing that I learned from watching the two Radio Lab youtube videos along with some things that I picked up on while listening to the “Moon Graffiti” sounds clip on Soundcloud. All of these entertainment mediums gave me a lot more insight into the world of audio storytelling and really showed me that you can tell a story without having to have pictures or written words. Jad Abumrad talks about his version of storytelling, through the use of audio, is his “voice.” He states that there is something magical about a person going up on stage and use their voice to capture the audience and put them into a dream state. Now, he also states that since he is uncomfortable doing that, the sounds and clips that he makes, are his “voice” that allow the audience to feel the same sense of connection and euphoria. He claims that the way he makes sounds is almost an ancient way of making sounds in a modern day world where the technology allows you to do so many different things with various sounds. In the second video, he also claims that he a tv junkie meaning he loves sounds and images. He makes an example that images are not always necessary and that sometimes the lack of images can be good as well due to the increased imagination that comes with the lack of images and abundance of sounds. He says that that brings more empathy into the world because it creates a connection between two people, the person explaining the situation and the person who is listening and trying to create a image in their head.

I think that while listening to Moon Graffiti, everything that Abumrad was saying in his videos was becoming more and more true. Listening to this sound clip, it felt like I was really there with them. The different sounds and the various radio sounds that were happening really made the situation feel real and I think that if I was listening to this right before going to sleep, this is all I would dream about. There was a very eerie sound that was being played in the background after they had crashed on the moon and the sound of the narrator immediately after definitely sounds a little on the darker, evil side. But I think that was the main purpose, to create an atmosphere that was eerie and unpredictable because this is a new situaiton that no one has ever really discussed or talked about before. The sounds used in this clip were picked perfectly and each sound fit perfectly with one another especially when they were layered over one another. Abumrad was saying that using sounds were his “voice” to tell a story and these sounds and voices in this clip are telling their own story just like Abumrad. Also, he states that the lack of images in storytelling sometimes opens up ones mind to more creative and imaginative ideas, and at the beginning of this clip when they were crashing, I was able to create an image in my head that really might have been what the crash may have looked like if it ever was too happen. Also, having the two astronauts converse with each other while that soft, spooky sound in the back is playing also gives a eerie atmosphere to the whole thing. Overall, i enjoyed getting my feet wet a little bit with audio storytelling and am interested to see how the rest of this week goes!

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