Photo Mania!

  • Make it green: green sleeves, green with envy, green eggs and ham.
  • Your favorite color.
  • Fabric: we wear it, sleep on it, decorate with it. An interesting cloth design or texture.
  • An instrument that measures something
  • If only shoes could talk. Tell their story in a photo, either on or off someone.
  • Take a photo of advertising that has been painted onto a building. The older the better.
  • Take a picture of something growing.

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Above, you can see the different tasks that I had to do when accomplishing my photoblitz. I enjoyed going around and trying to find various pictures that fit the scheme of the prompt. To start off, I had to take a picture of the website itself to show the start and end time for the time spent working on the prompts. Those are pictured below, and as you can see from the time I started and the time I finished it took me about 18 minutes to complete. Now I want to take some time to go through the pictures that I took and why I chose them for each prompt.

Starting with the “Make it green: green sleeves, green with envy, green eggs and ham” prompt, I took a minute to think to myself what the prompt really wanted me to do and after a minute I decided to just take a picture with almost the entirety of it being covered with some shade of green. The following picture is used to represent the various things that I used to make the picture seem “green.” As you can see, I was able to find different items around my room that had different shades of green to throw some contrast in there. There are four tennis rackets with a very deep shade of green contrasting with two pieces of clothing that are also different shades of green as well. The one on the left is lighter while the one on the right is a darker shade. In the background, there is also a blanket that has more earthy, green tones to it that was used to cover up any extra space to fill the picture in with more green.

Moving on, the next prompt talked about taking a picture that involved you favorite color. This one was fairly simple, and since my favorite color was red, I decided to take a picture of my tennis bag that is very much bright red. This picture can be seen below.

My next prompt was to take a picture of a piece of fabric or clothing that has an interesting design or texture. As a result, i decided to take a picture of the following polo that I recently bought. This article of clothing fit the description perfectly in my opinion because of the different lines, textures, and shapes that are present on the t-shirt. As you can see, there is a very palleted design, meaning that it looks like there are different “heights” and “depths” to the t-shirt giving it a very cool design to look at. Also, the various lines and triangles that are used on the piece are also very cool to look at and make the t-shirt look and feel better when wearing it. One last design aspect that I thought made it perfect for this prompt was that when the t-shirt is just hanging as it is in the photo, it appears that all of the triangles and lines are converging to one center point at the bottom of the t-shirt which I thought was cool as well.

My fourth prompt was to take a picture of something that measures things. Now I think most people would go and take a picture of a tape measure or ruler, however, I did not have access to either of those items. Therefore, after walking around my apartment for a couple minutes, I decided to take a picture of my thermostat. This, in my opinion, still fits the description because it is measuring the temperature in my apartment as time goes on similar to measuring the height of a tree using a ruler or other measurement device. That image is pictured below.

Moving on, my fifth prompt was the one that talks about a picture of someone’s shoes. I decided to take a picture of the shoes that I have now had for over 2 years. This is because this was the first pair of shoes that I was able to purchase with my own money. I never worked a job in high school, and so having the ability to make some money during college and buy my first pair of shoes was pretty nice to experience. Those shoes are pictured below and you can definitely tell that they have been put through the wringer.

The next prompt was probably the toughest prompt for me to accomplish, however, I do have two pictures that could possibly work for this prompt. This prompt involved finding a picture of a advertisement that was painted onto the side of a building. One of the pictures is on the left hand side and that is a picture of a sticker that has been pasted onto the wall in my living room talking about protecting the walls. The one of the right hand side is a mural of Kobe Bryant that was painted on the side of the building in Los Angeles, California. As you can see, the image on the left is closest I could get to an advertisement because there is nothing on the side of my apartment complex. It says what materials are okay to use on the walls and what items are not okay on the walls and advertises them visually as well. On the right hand side, it is not an advertisement per say, rather an image of a great basketball player and the legacy that he left behind. It is a picture of Kobe Bryant next to a Black Mamba, as that was his nickname during his time in the NBA and after he retired. Again, not necessarily an advertisement, but a visual representation of the legacy of one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

My final prompt was to take a picture of something that was growing. This prompt is pretty self-explanatory in my opinion and so I decided to just take the simple route on this prompt. I just decided to take a picture of the forest area near my apartment complex which shows an abundance of trees that have grown and the small branches that are continuing to grow and flourish as the Spring season rolls around. That image can be found below.

I enjoyed completing this assignment because it allowed me to be a little more creative some of my prompts and the images that I chose to use for those prompts. Some I went the more simple route but some of them also required me to be a little more thoughtful about the image that I was using such as the thermostat and the picture of something being advertised on the side of a building. Overall, I really enjoyed completing this assignment and am very excited to see what everyone else in the class got the chance to come up with.

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  1. Nice Post! Although I haven’t engaged in the photoblitz yet, I’m excited about the enjoyable ideas it could provide. Regarding the “take a picture of something that measures things” task, I truly admire what you came up with. The thermostat was undoubtedly a clever discovery, particularly the Eagle Landing smart thermostats that measure interior temperature. The fact that you correctly answered each of the seven prompts in the allotted twenty minutes is incredible. Keep up the great work!

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