Quick Turnaround for Weekly Summary #3!!!

This week went by a little quicker than last week in my opinion. I started off the week by getting my first daily create done which you can find here. This daily create basically asked us to create a saying or phrase of a dog barking but in cat talk. This was a little confusing to me and so my answer was pretty simple and just revolved around translating various dog sounds to “meow.” I also was able to do my second of three daily creates for this week which was to create an image of what a cat might take a photo of on the other side, it is a little hard to explain but click on this link to find it. Finally, my last daily create for this week is located here and involved us using Google for a coloring book experiment. You had to try and color in the picture from memory using the different colors available to you. It actually proved to be somewhat difficult and I thought it would be much easier. Once I finished that, I moved onto working on the assignment bank assignments and I started with the Middlebury Art Challenge. I actually really enjoyed working on this assignment because it was interesting to see how image generators would react when being given different prompts and I really enjoyed looking at the outputs. Although this assignment took me a little while, I thought it was worth it because it really allowed me to see how my prompts affected the outcomes of the image generators. I found out that small changes in the prompt do indeed have pretty big impacts on what the image generators can create once the prompts are changed. Moving on, I did the next two assignments for the assignment bank tasks within the visual and design fields. My first one was a visual assignment that required me to create a collage of the seasons in a single area, and I chose to do mine in Central Park, New York. I created this using a collage maker and really enjoyed finding the pictures and looking at the different sceneries in the area. My final assignment bank task was to create a magazine cover for my course character, Xander Neoteric. This magazine cover was created using an AI image generator and I really like the look and feel of the magazine cover. It truly brings out the tech side of Xander and from the font and color really shows that this guy loves the field of technology. I also spent some time everyday this week to comment on people’s post to make sure that everyone is getting some positive feedback on their work so that they do not feel like they are doing it for nothing. I also enjoy just looking at other people’s work to see what everyone came up with. I also was able to create this photoblitz this week as one of my assignments as well. The photoblitz required me to take seven prompts and associate each prompt with a photo that I took to try and match the photo with the prompt. I was given 20 minutes to complete as many of the seven prompts that I could and fortunately, I was able to finish them all. You can find my photoblitz at the link given above. Like stated in that blog post, I enjoyed completing this assignment because it allowed me to be more creative and intentional with the photos and work that I was doing. I also created a post that talks about some things that I learned while watching the interview that was linked on the assignment page along with the other youtube videos that were linked as well. I enjoyed this assignment because it gave me a better insight of what was happening in the world of film and books in regards to movie posters and book covers.

I did not encounter too many issues this week when completing my assignments. I thought things went pretty smoothly this week and I enjoyed doing all of the assignments. The only issue that I can really think of was like last week, my WordPress site would sometimes not load, but again, there were resolved almost immediately, and did not cause any big issues. Like stated before, I really enjoyed the Middlebury Art Challenge because I was interested to see how the image generators would generate the different pictures based on the different prompts.

I definitely think that I accomplished all of the requirements for all of the assignments for this week and I think I did them to the best of my ability. Like stated before, I enjoyed most of the assignments for this week and really allowed me to be creative and intentional with the work I was doing. I would not do anything differently for the work that I did this week as it was completed with effort, time, and creativeness. I believe that there are no larger issues at hand with my work. I think that the assignments were done properly and with effort. I do not have any further questions at this time for the class.

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