Radio Show Logo!

One of the assignments we had to do this week was to create a visual that could be used as our radio show logo or bumper sticker. Along with the radio show bumper and the commercials, we needed something that we could use to help represent the radio talk show. Now in most cases, people would normally have the name of the talk show in the logo, however, I decided to get a little bit creative and experimented with logos that had had text and ones that did not. I finally settled on the picture you see above, and as you can see it does not have any text. I think the picture without any text makes it look more clean and elegant compared to the ones with the text. I decided that this picture was the best fit for our show since we would be focusing on topics such as AI and Aggressive Technologies and the role they play in the field and so the background being futuristic and high-tech really made the picture come together as a whole. However, I also wanted to include the hosts of the talk show as well, and since we have three people in the group, I added three people and had a fourth since the radio show may contain guests if needed. I really like how this turned out and the process of making it was quite simple. I used an AI chatbot to generate the image and had to go through a few iterations to get to this final design. Originally, the pictures were very old-fashioned and looked too much like cartoons and so they did not really fit the theme of the radio show or the project itself. Once I was able to tell the chatbot to give me something more high tech and have it fit the theme a little more, I was able to easily decide that this picture was the one that I would want to be using to try and come to a decision with my group members about which of the three designs should be the final logo. Especially having the really cool looking skyline in the back made the picture that much better and really helped me realize that this was the picture I wanted to go for. The picture is located above and let me know your thoughts.


  1. The images on the windows and the person centerpiece on the table add to the visual appeal of the logo. It is effective in conveying the message intended.

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