Real Steel!!!

One of the assignments that we needed to do this week was to create a video essay of a scene from an movie related to the field of Artificial Intelligence and talk about the scene itself, almost like a mini film review and instead of doing the whole movie, we had just to pick one scene and talk about that scene. I decided to do a scene from the movie Real Steel in which the main character, played by Hugh Jackman, is walking outside of his motel room and starts walking down a dimmly-lit alleyway and then the scene cuts to him and his robot boxer outside, during the day on the lawn of the motel. I chose this scene because one of the videos that we needed to watch this week talked about how movies use cuts in their scenes to bring more emphasis to the scenes. In this case, the cut at the end of the beginning of the scene where it cuts to them being the lawn shows that a little time has gone by and that the characters were beginning the climax of the scene which was the actual training. It was important to note that from the Tony Zhou video, he stated that film makers use cuts to try and show that the scene is beginning to get to the climax of the scene. This is shown perfectly in this scene because when they cut to the training montage, that is the climax of the scene and that shows that the characters are getting ready to act out the main point of the scene. I have created a full vide essay on this scene and you can find it at the following link.

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