The Collage of the Century

For one this week’s assignment bank assignments, I chose to do a visual assignment in which we had to create a collage of a place where the 4 seasons of the year are shown profoundly. So, I thought to myself, what better place than New York? All of these images are taken at Central Park in New York from very similar spots. As you can see, the winter transforms the area into a winter wonderland where everything you see is covered with snow and ice. Right next to that we have spring, here we can see that the brush and trees are starting to come back and the sky is very overcast due to the mass amounts on rain during the Spring time, so that is also well represented in this picture. You can also see that some people are still bundled up from the aftermath of winter and can be concluded that the weather is still not fully back to spring/summer time weather. Moving on, the bottom left picture represents the summer time up in Central Park, in which all of the trees are back and they are radiating so much green color and brightens up the picture so much. Everyone is out in shorts and short sleeves to indicate the end of the warm/cold Spring time and the start of the hotter summer time. They are all on boats on the river that runs through the area, which in fact was frozen in the Winter picture, and it seems like everyone is having a great time. The sky is blue, the sun is out, and the nature is radiating color and to me, is a perfect representation of what summer time should be like. Finally, we get to the fall season. Here we can see that the leaves are starting to turn yellow, indicating fall season and the transition from summer to fall and fall to winter. There are not as many people out on the water due to the colder temperatures but the nature in the area still radiating that yellow color and make the picture look really nice. I really enjoyed creating this collage because it allowed me to take a second and sit back and look at the different seasons in Central Park and see how they really changed the look and feel of the area.


  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Central Park – if it’s anything like your collage, it looks like a great place to visit during any of the four seasons. 🙂

  2. beautiful pictures I have also considered doing this assignment.

  3. I would be interested in hearing about how you created this collage? Where these images you had, found, askied AI to generate? Let us know a bit about your process and how you came up with this assignment so we can get a better sense of the how.

  4. Which is your favorite season out of all of these? Since the weather is becoming better but yet not too hot like summer, spring is my favorite season. I love springtime because the sun sets later and the darkness doesn’t fall as fast as it does in the winter. Additionally, spring is the ideal season to play sports outside, and I enjoy staying active. Anyway, excellent post and collage!

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