The End of a Great Story!!!

This week was the final week for the class and so we were tasked with creating a short, less than two minute video that allowed us to reflect on the class as a whole and individually. We were asked to talk about what the favorite thing that we saw in the class was along with what our favorite individual assignment was. For the class in the general, I talked about the radio shows and how they represented the creativity in the class and the opportunity for people to come together to create such an appealing project. It added a nice touch to the class since at the beginning it was all by yourself and to allow groups to come together and work together and allow themselves to experiment with different ideas with the different course characters and the various topics that were discussed in class was nice to see. It also allowed the students to create fun and creative projects out of it. For the individual part, I talked about how my day in the life video was the best thing that I did all semester. This is because it was my first assignment in which I needed to use various visual applications that did different things. I had to use all of these different applications for the first time and so I was proud of how I was able to steer myself through the creation of the video and allow myself to create a final product that I was happy with. I really enjoyed how it was so open ended and I got to choose what was and was not included in my video and so I enjoyed that part as well. Finally, we had to include a section that talked about why Aggressive Technologies should support DS106 and so I chose to talk about how DS106 is working to make the world a better place for everyone and allows the world to become a better place with the incorporation of AI as well. I argued that with both the help of DS106 and Aggressive Technologies, we can change the world for the better and ensure that everyone is better off. Another reason they should support us is that we have done nothing but good for the world and so there is no reason not to trust us and we would put in a good word with the public for them so that they reputation does not continued to be ruined. I enjoyed my time in this class over the course of the semester and would recommend it to anyone that is thinking about taking this class. For the final time, Rishi signing off! Have a great future everyone!

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