Week 1 Summary

This first week of engaging with the class went pretty smoothly overall, however, there some hiccups on the way. The issues were not too time consuming and I was able to resolve all the issues with a little bit of research and understanding of how the various websites and services worked. This week consisted of setting up most of the services and the main website (https://rishicshankards106.com/) that will be used over the course of the semester. This assignment did not prove to be that difficult, and I think that I completed all of the assignments to the best of my ability and completed everything with all of the requirements that were needed and with my best effort.

Overall, I did not have too much trouble with the assignments, however, this was my first time using WordPress and so it did take some time to try and figure out how everything works and what needed to be added and what was already ready to use. After I was able to find out how everything works, I was easily able to start writing my blog posts and the began working on my first blog post of the semester, which was the film review related to the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence). This blog post can be found here: https://rishicshankards106.com/ds106/iron-man-film-review/. With this assignment, I was able to watch the Iron Man film and complete the blog post while also meeting all of the requirements. I then proceeded to make my second blog posts which was related to my course goals for the semester, and that is located here: https://rishicshankards106.com/ds106/goals-for-the-course/. Once again, I think that I was able to sufficiently and efficiently complete the requirements for this assignment as well and felt that I was thorough with my ideas and hopes for this course over the course of the semester.

Like stated before, the only real issues that I encountered were due to the fact that I was new to the workings of WordPress and so it took some time to figure out how the service worked, however, once that was figured out, it was really easy to get into a groove of creating posts and publishing them for the assignment. I enjoyed the first assignment in relation to the film review because I was able to watch a movie that I really enjoyed and write a brief blog post on it and actually analyze from a perspective that I have thought about before. I enjoyed learning and thinking about how AI was being used in the movie and its capabilities and how it can be incorporated into real human life and got me thinking if AI could ever get to the level that was portrayed in the movie.

I think one thing that I would do differently is try to go one assignment at a time for the weekly assignments, because when I first started this week I was bouncing around with the registering for services and everything and was getting somewhat confused as to what I was doing and so it took some more time to get stuff done but at the end of the day, I was able to get everything done properly. At this point in time, I do not have any further questions about the course or the assignments, however, I am sure that this will definitely change of the course of the semester as we start diving deeper and deeper into the content and assignments over the course of the semester. Similarly, I do not think that my assignments have any overarching issues surrounding my work because the assignments were fairly simple this week so it was clear what was needed and I was able to accomplish those tasks properly and efficiently. Overall, it was a good start to the semester and allowed me to familiarize myself with the class and its inner workings and I have no doubt that the assignments and the completion of the assignments will become more and more smooth over the course of the semester. I can say that I am excited to see where this course takes me and am interested to see how all my work and assignments turn out!


  1. The first week can be confusing because there are so many different pieces to it and potentially new systems to work with, but it all becomes more familiar and hopefully makes more sense over the weeks. Good work on getting it all set up. I look forward to seeing what we all can create in the weeks to come.

  2. Rishi, I can totally relate to your point about taking it one task at a time. I was doing the same thing and bouncing all over the place and losing track of what I was doing because it felt like so much. But once I slowed down, checked off some easy items, it gave me more clarity when navigating word press and getting all of those things to align. I also find it comforting to know that others had to do extra research to know how to use some of these programs/platforms. I have also never used word press and it took a good bit of background research to get me up and running. Glad to see that it didn’t deter you and you are still excited for the course.

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