Week 10 Just Like That!

So this week was pretty light in terms of the work we needed to do in order to meet the requirements for the week. The main thing we had to was to actually finish our group radio show and blog about our progress on the project as well. For that, I created a separate blog post that talks about my progress and what the team worked on throughout the week. Following that post we had to write, we also were required to complete two daily creates this week and the first one, Daily Create #1, was done on Friday. This daily create had us create a new design for a bicycle, and unoriginally, I decided to just add an motor to it so that it go at faster speeds by still looking somewhat like a bicycle. That daily create was a little simple and I found it somewhat difficult to create a new design for something as old as a bicycle and knew there were already so many different versions of the product already on the market and have been thought about. Moving on, my second daily create, Daily Create #2, was completed on Sunday. This daily create had us use a spot image generator and create an image using spots of various sizes, colors, and dimensions, and we were tasked with coming up with a cool design with interesting colors. From my post, you can see that after messing around with the tool for a little while, I was able to come up with something enjoyable to look at and I really enjoyed this one because I was able to mess around with the tool for a little while and create something unique and interesting. Finally, I finished off the week with some commenting so that other people could get positive feedback on their work. Last but not least, you can listen to my groups radio show at the following link.

I did not encounter too many issues this week when completing my assignments. I thought things went pretty smoothly this week and I enjoyed doing all of the assignments. From this week, I would say that creating and editing the radio show was my favorite. This is because I found it very enjoyable to create a radio show and was finally able to use all the skills that I had garnered over the past couple weeks and put them use. Once again, I did not encounter any issues this week for any of the assignments.

I definitely think that I accomplished all of the requirements for the assignments for this week and I think I did them to the best of my ability. Like stated before, my favorite assignment was the radio show. I would not do anything differently for the work that I did this week as it was completed with effort, time, and creativeness. I believe that there are no larger issues at hand with my work. I think that the assignments were done properly and with effort. I do not have any further questions at this time for the class. One thing I think I did really well this week was use my previously gained skills in Audacity and put them to good use because I was able to edit together all of the various sound clips, radio bumpers, and commercials with merely no hiccups and so I am happy with that result, as well as how the radio show turned out. .

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