Week 9 All Over!!

This week went by pretty quickly and was pretty smooth in terms of getting work done while also meeting the necessary requirements. Starting off the week, I decided to get started on my daily creates and for this week, we needed to do 3 of them. On Friday, I did Daily Create #1, which required us to add a modern appliance to an old image. As a result, I decided to take a photo of an old house and then add a dishwasher in the kitchen area since I imagined that not that many people would use dishwashers back in the day. You can click on the link above to go view that post. I think it turned out pretty good overall and was happy with my final product. I then moved onto Daily Create #2, which had use create an image that represented the statement “Resistance throws you into time. Acceptance discloses the timeless.” Inside the clock, there is some nature which almost makes one feel like they are getting thrown into the clock or into resistance. I could be reaching though. Also, the clock represents how time still passes when you are resting something and eventually it will catch up to you. I really enjoyed making this one because it really made think about what the statement meant and what was the best way to represent something like that was. Finally, I moved onto Daily Create #3, which had us take a photo that we had and make it into bead art using an online tool. For this one, I decided to use a picture of a red Lamborghini that I took when going to the mall at home. It turned out pretty cool and was happy with my final product. Once all my daily creates were out of the way, I decided to move onto the actual assignments for the week. I started with creating the radio show bumper and commercial for the radio show project that started this week. For my radio show bumper, I made a script for me to read and record myself using Audacity. Once that was done, I was able to find some cool sounding audio to throw in there to make the bumper flow more smoothly and sound more complete. The next assignment that I did was to create the commercial for the radio show. This commercial was for a company called BetterHelp, a company that specializes in mental therapy. I have heard this commercial a lot on various podcasts and thought it would be cool to incorporate it into one of my assignments. It is also important to note that both of these assignments were used to fulfill the two audio assignments that we needed to complete this week with an added twist, since the radio bumper assignment was to create a bumper for the DS106 radio station and the commercial assignment was for an 80s product. Therefore, I bent the rules a little bit and made it work for my radio show. Finally, I finished off the week by creating a post that detailed the progress that was made on the radio show project by myself and the rest of my group and the game plan that we came up with to attack the project. That post is located here. At last, I came to the final assignment for the week which was to create a logo for our radio show project and that post is located here.

I did not encounter too many issues this week when completing my assignments. I thought things went pretty smoothly this week and I enjoyed doing all of the assignments. From this week, I would say that creating the commercial for the radio show was my favorite. This is because I found it very enjoyable to create a commercial for a product that I have heard so much about and was finally able to create a commercial of my own. Once again, I did not encounter any issues this week for any of the assignments.

I definitely think that I accomplished all of the requirements for the assignments for this week and I think I did them to the best of my ability. Like stated before, my favorite assignment was the commercial for the radio show. I would not do anything differently for the work that I did this week as it was completed with effort, time, and creativeness. I believe that there are no larger issues at hand with my work. I think that the assignments were done properly and with effort. I do not have any further questions at this time for the class. One thing I will focus on in the future, is to just make sure that I am doing a goof job of communicating with my group members so that the project is completed efficiently and everything runs smoothly.

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