What do you do?

One of the assignments that we had to do this week was to create three different videos in relation to the video assignments on the assignment bank website. We were also tasked with creating two of the videos be related to our course characters. This first video assignment that I created was quite simple, however, it is not related to my course character. This first assignment is called “What do you do?” and it revolves around the idea of creating a video about something that you do in everyday life. For this assignment, I could have chosen a lot of different things to do for this assignment from me playing tennis, to my just waking up and brushing my teeth. However, I chose to do something that made feel a little more unique with my work and made me get outside. So I decided to film myself walking back to my apartment after my classes and lifts were finished for the day. As you can see on the video, the video was taken near the University of Mary Washington’s bridge that connects Eagle Village to the rest of campus near the Anderson Center. I enjoyed deciding what to do for this assignment because there were so many different options. I took my time with deciding what I wanted to do and was happy with what I decided on. You can find the video below.

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