When Xander and Julius Meet!

One of the assignments for this week required us to come up with some ideas for an upcoming radio show with our course character and others as well. The upcoming radio show would involve the meeting and greeting of various course characters with mine and would discuss various topics on the show with other course characters. Everyone would participate and give their thoughts on the topic and the radio show would last for about 20-30 minutes.

One of the first ideas that I cam up with was to work with another course character by the name of Julius Lawrence. If you have not read about him yet, he is a highly successful investment banker who went to the University of Virginia to play basketball and study finance. He chose to follow his true dream and landed his dream job in finance. However, recently he announced that he is considering a transition to the NBA to follow his dream of also playing professional basketball. This got me thinking as how Xander and Julius could work together and maybe talk about an idea on their radio show. I came up with an idea that I really liked. Xander also made a big move in his life recently and became the very first human to implant a AI agent into his own brain. Since he was the first and Julius has a great mind when it comes to investments and finance, Julius could invest into Xander and his AI agent product. They would discuss how they would plan to start a new company for the AI agents and how they would go about actually constructing the necessary marketing, technologies, and ideas to make this idea come to fruition. They would also talk about why Julius was interested in a product like this and why he was so drawn to it.

Another possible idea that the two could discuss during their radio talk show would be the idea of AI and how it has become so rampant in everyday life throughout society. Xander, as a master in his field, would be able to drop his thoughts on the subject, and Julius who is not directly related to the field but also works in a field when AI could very much be integrated into, could talk about his thoughts on the subject matter. The two could also discuss if AI poses a threat to everyday life in society or if it will produce more good than bad and how it could be beneficial or detrimental to the real world. By having this conversation, viewers could potentially listen to both sides of the argument as Xander would advocate for AI due to the AI agent in his brain, whereas Julius’s ideas may be more contradictory. It would definitely be an interesting meeting between the two and whatever they end up discussing in their radio show, it will for sure draw a crowd. I am looking forward for the two to meet and have a short discussion about whatever we decide the topic ends up being and everyone will be looking forward to their thoughts. Be on the lookout for the radio show, coming to a radio station near you!

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