Xander’s Pet Makes an Appearance!

My second assignment I chose to do from the assignment bank was called “TikTok of you pet” and it required us to create a funny, short video of our pet doing something random for a TikTok. For this assignment, I chose to do a video of Xander’s dog, Belle, running around in a little field with the music from the Disney movie, “Up,” and I think the sound fit perfectly with the video because in the movie, there is also an animated dog that runs around in random fields sniffing for various smells. In the video, you can Belle having a great time just running around and exploring the area she is in and just having a wonderful time overall. As you will learn, this is one of the reasons why Belle brings so much happiness to Xander as his pet and why Xander is always smiling and happy. As a result, the video that I chose replicates that by having Belle run around in a field and smelling everything there is to smell. As many of you now, Xander lives a pretty lonely life, and while he was growing up, the one thing that his dad gave him was Belle, which he has had since he was a teenager. Ever since he got Belle, he has always been happy and never feels lonely because Belle has always been there for him. He enjoys Belle’s company and allows him to continue to work his long hours and work towards his dreams while also having someone to join him in the process. Belle and Xander do everything together and they are very tough to separate and that bond really brings out the best in Xander. Especially after his fiasco with Aggressive Technologies, he felt the loneliest he had ever felt, but Belle was there to get rid of that feeling and Xander could not be more grateful, not only for Belle, but also for his late father that brought him the best surprise a kid could ask for. Keep scrolling to find a video of Belle and you can see why Xander has such a great time with his dog and why it brings out the best in him. Enjoy the video!

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