Xander’s Reactions to the PSA!

One of the final assignments that we needed to complete this week was to create a PSA about our course character in relation to the field of AI or Aggressive Technologies. However, that was a separate assignment, on top of that we needed to create a blog post that talked about how our characters may respond to some of the PSA’s that others in the class might create. As a result, I am writing this blog post to do just that. The first PSA that I was able to view is located here, and this PSA talks about how AI can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks and how useful it can to complete everyday tasks. We all know that Xander is an innovator and inventor and is all for using AI in everyday life and so I think his reaction to this announcement would be very positive and he would stand behind this message. He would definitely push for this announcement to be made even more public because not only does it stand by what he believes in, it also would help promote his future and reputation in the industry since he just launched his new AI-implant chip that people will eventually be able to get for themselves to help them with everyday tasks and in various situations. The second PSA that I was able to find is located here, and tries to spread the message that we should all trust AI and that we should not worry about the consequences that it could bring and that we should also trust the people that are in charge of manufacturing AI tools, such as Aggressive Technologies. Xander would only agree with some parts of this message I believe, because he would advocate for the trusting of AI, however, he would not advocate for the trusting of Aggressive Technologies. This is because, as we all now know, AT stabbed Xander in the back in recent weeks, and Xander has plans on going public with the information he has on them. Therefore, Xander would not agree to trust AT after what they did to him, however, he would ask the public to continue to trust AI and wait and see all the benefits that it could/would bring in the future. The final PSA that I chose to comment on, was this one, which talks about how AT is all about making money and there are no ethical actions that they take to help their employees. They ruthlessly lay off their employees with no severance packages and all of their promises are just a mask to what they are really trying to do, use AI to line the pockets of those at the top while the hard working employees all suffer. Xander would be at the forefront of this revolution and he would not back down. After learning about AT’s plan to line their pockets based on his invention, he knows that he was not the first and will not be the last so he is going to do everything in power to make sure that AT pays for what they have done to him and to others just like him. Without a shadow of a doubt, Xander would and could be used a poster boy for this revolution and he would be all for it because he will spend the rest of his life if he has to, to get revenge and make AT pay for what they did to him. Overall, all of the PSA’s were really interesting and was cool to see how everyone went about completing the assignment and how they chose the various applications that they used to get it done. I enjoyed watching all of them and trying to figure what Xander would say about them and I think this version of commenting on other’s peoples post is nice, however, I think that the smaller comments are better because they are more personal than a blog post. Still, this assignment was enjoyable to complete and I had a fun time watching other people’s PSAs and was cool to see how different people expressed their creativity.

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