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My second audio assignment for the week was to create a commercial for an 80s product. I decided to do this one because we had to create a commercial for our radio show anyway, and so I decided to be a little bit more efficient with my time and just knock out two birds with one stone. My commercial has a little twist to it because I decided to create a commercial for a more modern product since that is probably more appealing to my listeners than something from the 80s. My product was called BetterHelp, which is an online therapy service that allows individuals to connect with licensed therapists to help their everyday mental health needs. In order to create this commercial, I create a script with the help of other commercials done in the past, and used Audacity to record myself speaking out the script. Once I had that audio clip completed, I was then able to move onto trying to find a music clip that I could play in the background so it is not just me talking. I found this soft, warm sound that I could use in the background and so I inserted that. However, I come to find out that the sound is way too loud for my voice recording and so I ran into a little hiccup trying to figure out how to deamplify the sound of the music. Once I was able to figure that out, however, I was able to continue finishing up the commercial. Once finished, I listened to it and realized that I was happy with the final product and decided to call it there. You can listen to my commercial down below or on my SoundCloud page. I hope you enjoy!!

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  1. The background is still a little loud for the voice. The way I would fix it in Audacity would be to highlight the voice track and use the Effects=>Amplify function to boost the voice. By default it should raise the volume as much as it can without distorting it. I sometimes use the Compression effect as well, to even out the volume of my voice. The with the music track, I would use the volume slider on the left hand side to drop it down to where it enhances but doesn’t interfere with the voice.

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