Daily Create – 3/15/2024

For today’s daily create we had to add a modern appliance to an old picture or photo and so I decided to add a dishwasher to and older photo. I asked the image generator to create a photo of a dishwasher because that is the first modern appliance that came to mind and used the old photo to have it added into and as you can see the dishwasher does not look cleanly incorporated into the photo. It looks photoshopped which was what I was going for. The picture as a whole fits the description because of the fact that the rest of the house looks older and more contemporary and the modern appliance, the dishwasher, looks even more out of place.


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  2. Every time I read a new post, I feel like I’ve learned something valuable or gained a new perspective. Thank you for consistently putting out such great content!

  3. I’ve learned so much from this blog and have implemented many of the tips and advice into my daily routine Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

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