Public Service Announcement!

Another one of the assignments that we were required to complete this week was to create a public service announcement using our course character and relating it to the field of AI or Aggressive Technologies. So, for this assignment, I chose to talk about Aggressive Technologies and their mistreatment and unethical practices when it comes to their employees. Now a growing theme for my course character, I decided to make a public service announcement that talked about how Xander, my course character, has gone public with the information he has on Aggressive Technologies and the way their run their business. I enjoyed creating this video because I was able to use all the skills that I have developed over the past couple weeks to create this one work of art that can be used as a public service announcement. I did everything for the video from writing the announcement, to generating the image, to putting it all together in Openshot.

In order to create this video, I first started by using Eleven Lab’s text-to-speech product and wrote out what the actual announcement would be. From reading examples on the internet and having my own ideas, I was able to come up with a short 45-second announcement that contained all the major points that I wanted to convey while also trying to persuade the viewer/listener to support Xander’s endeavors. Once I created the script for the announcement, I had to convert it to a speech so I used Eleven Labs product to do that. Once I an audio file with the speech, I decided to add some background music to the speech so it did not sound so bare. I did that on audacity and had the sounds files overlap each other with the background music being a little less louder than the rest so that the speech could still be heard. Once I had the completed audio file with both the audio and the background music, I created a graph using an AI-chatbot so that I could turn it into a video, and I did that using OpenShot video editor, and once everything was put together I uploaded it to youtube to have a link to embed with this post. You can find my work down below. Like stated before, I enjoyed completing this assignment because it allowed to use all the skills that I have gained over the last couple weeks and put it all together to create one piece of work that represents those different newly-gained skills. I hope you enjoy!


  1. My course character is also against Aggressive technologies because of how they treat employees!

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