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One of the assignments that we had to do this week was to listen to other radio shows and the one that I chose to listen to was from the Logic Pod and it talked a lot about the malicious potential of AI and the speakers all were debating whether AI should be kept in check when it comes to weapons and if AI should have their own sovereignty. The show really focused on bringing awareness to the field of AI and how there should more discussion regarding making AI more human-like. Like stated before, one of the big topics of the show was to talk about if AI should have their own cities, countries, etc. where all AI-related individuals would live and prosper. From what I could understand, all but one of the podcasters were on board for this and most of them sided with AI being used in weaponry and did not even consider the risks of it. One of the guest speakers argued that AI should be used for good, however, the other two wanted to weaponize AI and use it for military tactics and strategies. The shows also talked about AI rights and what rights should and should not be given to artificially intelligent agents. This was an interesting part of the conversation because the perspectives could not be more different from each other, one person said one thing and the other guest speaker would disagree and so the conversation would not really go anywhere but it was definitely still worth having because the listeners got to hear the perspectives of all the speakers and people involved in the show.

Now, moving onto the radio show itself. I enjoyed listening to the show and I think it was very well put together and sounded very thought-out and done with time and effort. I thought the background music for the show was great and the transitions were really smooth. Whether it was going out of a segment and into a bumper or commercials, the background music was well-placed and well-times which made the entire show more enjoyable to listen to and made the show that much better sounding. Also, some of the voices seemed to be Ai generated and that was something that my group did as well with one of our speakers and I thought that was cool to see. It made the show sound better because it was enjoyable to listen to a different voice other than just multiple human voices. Also, in terms of the script, the lines for each of the speaker were all well-written and did not seem forced or overly-complex. I think the script was well-written and it made the show better because everything was clearly talked about and everything was also clearly spoken. This made it much easier to understand everything being said in the podcast. I like the show structure of asking questions and getting different answers and viewpoints because it allowed everyone to speak their minds and provide input on the conversation. I think the questions and answers were all relevant. I definitely think the show had a conversation similar to the conversations that we are having in the real world now and ones that will be continued to be discussed as time goes on. I really liked this as a podcast idea and I think this was executed really well. One thing I really liked was how one of the guests just left because they were sort of creeped out by the viewpoints of the other guests, that added some humor and I appreciated that. I like the suspenseful music at the end which provided an ominous feeling to it when Robin was signing off. It seemed like no one really agreed on anything and everyone went their separate ways and I thought that was a really cool ending to the show. The background music during this phase was well chosen and perfect for the setting and the lines that were being spoken.

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