Radio Show Project Starts Now!

This week we get to start working on our radio show projects and as a result we needed to create at least 3 radio bumpers to incorporate into our project, I created one that helps introduce the show and what the main contents of the show will be about. I have created it and uploaded it to SoundCloud, but you can also listen to it below. I used an exciting intro sound to try and get the listeners more engaged and exciting for what they are going to listen to while also giving them insight into what to expect on the show. My group will be talking about AI and the various news that are related to the field so I made sure to include tha topic in my introduction as well as the characters and their experience with Aggressive Technologies because that is another reason why these three specific characters were brought together. I did my best to try and find a sound that fits the radio bumper and so the initial sound that is used is very upbeat and meant to try and get the listeners hyped for what is to come. I enjoyed making this radio bumper and the process went a lot smoother since this was my second time creating one since we had to create one for the DS106.1 radio station earlier in the semester. Also, we were required to complete two audio assignments this week and so one of the audio assignments was to create a radio bumper, and added my own little twist to it because I made it for my radio show project and not the DS106.1 radio station. Feel free to listen to my radio bumper below and I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. The music works well. You might try amplifying the volume of the voice so it’s more level with the music. You could also layer a quieter version of the music underneath the voice, while having it boosted at the beginning and end.

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