Revisiting Course Goals!

One of the tasks that we were assigned with this week was to go back and look at the course goals that we blogged about in the opening weeks of the course and reflect on how we are doing in terms of achieving those goals. We needed to look back at what we wrote and attempt to explain if we are on the right track with completing them, or if we needed to try and change course a little bit to meet those goals. One of the first things that I said in my course goals post was the course would very interesting in terms of the information we gain and the assignments we do, and I can confidently say that that statement as true. I have enjoyed all of the assignments we have done thus far and I expect that trend to continue till the end of the course. One of my goals this semester was to create various pieces of work and then explain the thought process that went into them and why each assignment was done the way it was. Once again, I think I am doing a good job in terms of achieving this goal with every post that I make because I give the audience a final product, along with the thought process that went behind to explain why I did what I did for each assignment. So, from the course goals that I wrote about in the past, I am on track and intend to keep it that way. Another goal that I had was to show my creative skills to others in the class. With each assignment that I do, I take the time to think about the different ways that I can approach these assignments and how I can make them unique. By doing this, it allows me to be more engaged and creative with my work which I think I have done a good job with over the course of the last couple weeks. From my main post, “My main goal is create multiple works of digital art that are creative and intriguing while also explaining my thought process along the way so that others can understand the story behind the works of art.” This is the main goal that I had and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have been doing a good job in terms of maintaining and achieving that goal. I feel like I am on track with my goals and i would not change anything because I made my goals a little difficult but still within my limits and by making it such a broad goal, almost anything I do in this course would apply to that goal as long as it is creative, thoughtful, and intuitive. Now that I have a better feeling for the course, I am in a routine when it comes to getting my work done and I am doing it efficiently and with time as well. I enjoy reading the assignments and coming up with different approaches to that assignment and finally settling on the best choice. So far, the course as been great and I expect these same trends to continue throughout the rest of this course.

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