Sports – From the Eyes of AI

One of the assignments that I chose to do for this week was to create a sports poster. However, I thought about it and decided that in order to relate it to the field of AI, I wanted to try and see what an AI bot would give me when I get it certain prompts. So, the first image on the far left was an image that was given to me when asked to recreate the Cincinnati Bengals football stadium. Now from this image, we can see that the AI bot was pretty accurate in its depiction of the stadium and did a really job of recreating the stadium. Now moving, I gave the AI bot a little more specifics on this turn, I asked to recreate the Bengals stadium while have it in a jungle with the weeds and tree roots growing over and around the stadium with a tiger on the front of the stadium. I found that the AI bot made a less and less accurate depiction of what I wanted with the more information I was giving it. For example, I wanted the tiger on the front of the stadium almost like a statue or logo on the front with the trees roots and weeds growing up the stadium walls. What I got was more of a entryway into a stadium with a tiger in the way. Finally, I decided to give the AI bot free will and choice and asked it to give me a depiction of the Bengals stadium in its own eyes. In other words, I asked the bot to give me a picture of what it thought the stadium should look like and from the output (far right), it appears to pretty close to the what it actually looks like (far left). The only issue with the third picture is that from some reason it could not properly generate the team logo like it did in the first picture but other than that it was pretty accurate in its depiction. This was confusing to me because the more specifics I gave the chatbot, the less the image looked like what I wanted it to look like. Overall, this was a really interesting experience because I was able to combine the world of sports while also seeing how AI would react to questions about generating images related to specific sports teams and what it thought different things should look like.

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