Technology: Beneficial or Detrimental?

Over the years technology has definitely taken leaps in its advancements with new phones coming out every year, new gaming consoles, smaller and more portable laptops that contain the same processing power of the old, clunky looking ones, however, it is also important to note that many believe that the rate in which technology is advancing could be a bad thing. The “Techno-Optimist Manifesto” stated that all of the reasons as to why technology advancement should be slowed down or stopped entirely are lies and we should not be listening to these fake rumors. The manifesto argues that we should look down upon the pessimistic views on technology and that technology is doing a lot of good in world and technological advancements lead to progress, economic growth, and various solutions to ongoing real-world problems.

The manifesto argues that technology will bring good real-world change and argues against centralized planning for the economy because the system of production and consumption is too complex. However, the article also states that with the use of free markets, technological advancements are fostered and advocates for this idea, while arguing the more centralized economic planning idea as stated before. With the use of free market planning, the articles states that the quality of life for humans increases by a lot and leads to an abundance of energy efficiency practices and intellectual enhancement. The article also states that with the use of technology our outreach as humans can expand beyond just Earth. With the help of technology, starvation and disease rates can be reduced, the quality of life for humans and the standard of living in many areas can increase, and the economic growth of various places from around the world could prove to be benefits for advancement of technology. The expansion of human potential is a big theme in this article because with the advocacy for the advancement of technology, there brings new opportunities for us humans to advance as a race and move into a more beneficial world.

Looking back to the film review, for which I watched Iron Man, this article actually fits in pretty well. At first, the movie starts out with mercenaries stealing highly dangerous weapons to use them for bad purposes but are eventually overthrown. The main character, Tony Stark, then realizes the true detriments for his weapons and decides that he will no longer create technologies that are detrimental to the world. Looking forward into the movie, he is able to use his mind and love for technology to build a suit that can help keep people safe from various dangers and eventually build even more suits to keep other people safe as well. He always advocated for a “suit of armor” around the world because he knew what kind of dangers could fester within the world of technology if the wrong people for their hands on it. Relating back to the article that advocates for the advancement of technology and the benefits that come with up, the Iron Man film fits in perfectly with that theme. The advancements in technology made by Stark eventually lead to a situaiton where he is in a suit of armor that is used to save the Earth and eventually, the universe. The article states that there is a better quality of life and standard of living for humans when advancements in technology are made, and Stark proves that when in “Avengers,” uses his suit that he created in the Iron Man film to reroute a missile that was headed for the city of New York into space so that nothing bad ever happens to the city. Personally, I think that I agree with the manifesto and that we should keep striving for excellence within the field and try out best to bring in more and more beneficial ideas to the world so that everyone can be better off. When Dr. Oblivion was asked what his thoughts on the matter was, he stated that people believe that AI is very good and will solve all of our problems but he also heavily stated that we should proceed with caution because sometimes technological advancements bring about unwarranted issues and dangers. When reviewing my analysis, Dr. Oblivion pointed out that my analysis was very in-depth and he noticed that from my writing style that was I was agreeing with the points made in the manifesto and he was correct. He also pointed out that it the Iron Man example was a good example to use for the manifesto because it fit in quite “snuggly” to the main ideas being made in the article. Overall, the manifesto was a good read and really challenged the views of pessimists in the field of technology while accurately and efficiently advocated for the advancements of technology and the benefits that they bring.

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