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The final assignment that we needed to complete this week was to create a post that talked about an idea that we had for the video project that would be completed over the course of the next two weeks. This project was offered as an independent assignment or a group assignment, and I chose to work with another course character, Julius Lawrence. For this project, we decided to do something along the lines of showing off the field of Artificial Intelligence and how it affects various parts of the world and how it can be used for more good than bad. The short, 2-minute video would be titled “AI Adventures: Exploring the Future,” and it would focus on how AI is used differently in different aspects of life and how it affects those various sectors in real life. Since the video only needs to be 2 minutes long, each of the sections of the video will not be too long, but long enough to get the main point of that section across to the viewers.

Moving onto what will be featured in the video, here, I will talk about the different sections of the video and what will be shown in each of the different sections as well as how long these sections will last.


Introduction (0:00-0:15) – This section with be the start of the video and will start with an animation of a futuristic cityscape and will set the tone for the exploration of AI. In this section, there will be text displayed that will introduce the two main course character and their journey through showing everyone the field of AI and its positive implication in the world.

Smart Home (0:15-0:45) – In this section, Xander and Julius will enter a smart home and show off all the different technologies in the household and how AI helps to power them. For example, the text on the screen will talk about the thermostats, visual assistants, and security systems so that they can show off how AI has intertwined itself into all of these fields. It will also show how these systems are used by using AI and how they make completing tasks much easier.

Healthcare (0:45-1:15) – In this section, Xander and Julius will assess the impact of AI in the healthcare sector. The characters then move into a hospital-like setting and they start by showing off the computers that are analyzing medical data, diagnosing illnesses based on the doctor input, and just assisting healthcare professionals. They show off all of these things while there is text on screen that is helping to explain what is going on and how AI is impacting the world of healthcare.

Entertainment (1:15-1:45) – In this third and final section of the video, the characters will find themselves in an entertainment complex that is filled with various AI-led experiences and attractions. In other words, Xander and Julius will point out how virtual reality games, AI-generated art, and personalized entertainment recommendations are fully and completely led by the impacts that AI can have along with how they make these subfields in the entertainment industry better and more enjoyable for everyone involved. Like the other sections, there will be text on screen that will explain everything as the visuals are playing in the background.

Conclusion (1:45-2:00) – This is the last part of the video and where the video will have its conclusion. There will be a small speech-type saying from each of the characters and their experiences within their journey through the world of AI and what their thoughts are on the field and how it will progress. Finally, there will be a final message laid out on the screen, most likely with a black background, that will be on screen for a couple seconds that the viewer will see as their last couple frames for the video. This will ensure that something is staying with the viewer and will force them to think about it even after watching the video. Maybe it will even bring more people to the video later on.

This is the outline that we have come up with and plan on making our video around. If anyone has any ideas we could add to this, feel free to let me know in the comments.

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  1. You should consider how you will use sound, particularly background sound, in the video. Background music can establish a mood, and it may be possible to use sound effects to add emphasis to what is happening on screen.

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