Video Project!!!

This week we were tasks with actually bringing out video project plans to life and so Julius and I decided to take a walk through a futuristic city that was filled with different AI elements to see how they impacted the world. There were multiple examples of how AI was being used in the city, such as within houses, the healthcare field, and finally, the entertainment sector. The video starts off with a cityscape were Julius and Xander are entering the city and they notice all the technology around them, they then move into a house where they examine all of the AI elements within the house. Second, they move into a hospital like setting where all of the AI elements that are being incorporated by the healthcare sector are being analyzed, and finally the entertainment sector is analyzed and all of the AI elements are pointed out to the viewer. While this is happening, there are various video clips playing in the background that are relevant to what the current talkings points are. The video has a clear title and ending to meet one of the requirements and any gaps in the discussion are filled with music so the viewer is not left with just bare pictures. The video itself was created through a series of medium-difficulty steps. The first step was to actually create the script and this was probably the easiest of all the steps and took the least amount of time. Following that, we needed to find a way to make AI-generated video clips that we could in the video and so we decided to use a platform called Runway, which allowed us to give the AI bot a script and it would generate a 4-second clip based on that script. Once the clip was created, we were able to extend the clip up to 4 seconds at a time and this was helpful in some situations where the clip needed to be on screen for more than 4 seconds. Once the clips were created, my partner and I used Audacity to record our lines and export them so that they could be used while putting the whole thing together. Everything was put together using OpenShot Video Editor, a application that we have become very familiar with by now, and following the script and the video clips we were able to seamlessly put the video together. This was the longest part because it took some time to make sure that the lines matched up with the actual clip being shown on screen. Other than that, the project went pretty smoothly overall and was able to efficiently use me and my partner’s time to make sure we got everything done. You can find the video down below. Hope you enjoy!


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  2. Latifah Lee

    This turned out great! I like your viedo concept

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