Week 7 Done… Just Like That!!!

This week was another light week in terms of assignments and what we had to do. I started off this week’s assignment on Sunday and so I started with my first daily create. This daily create required us to take the open mouth of a statue and remix it and so I decided to do something a little bit more creative. I drew inspiration from the Iron Man movie, where at the end of the movie, is is sitting by himself in his suit inside of a huge donut sign eating a donut and so i had an Ai-chatbot generate me an image of a superhero sitting inside the mouth of a statue eating a donut. Although the statue was not the same, the idea behind the picture and requirements for the daily create were still met, in my opinion. You can view and read about this daily create at this link. Then, on Monday, I did my second daily create. I did my second daily create on Monday in which we had to describe our visit to either Ed Sheeran’s Castle on the Hill or Frankenstein’s Castle. You can read about what I chose here. Following that on Tuesday, I did my third and final daily create for the week. The final daily create of the week required us to create a postage stamp for the DS106 field. Therefore, I used an AI-chatbot to create a postage stamp for DS106 and you can find that post here. As stated in the description, the test may not be perfect because AI-chatbots sometimes still struggle with placing text on the image, however, other than that it was a perfect fit for the assignment description. While all my daily creates were being completed, I moved onto creating the actual pieces of work that I needed to finish the assignments for the week. The first assignment was a propaganda poster that we needed to create that represented something about our course character. As a result, i chose to do my propaganda poster on Xander and his troubles with his former employer, Aggressive Technologies. I used an AI-chatbot to create the image and it shows Xander standing in front of his former company’s building with the motto “Aggressive Tech: Profit Over People,” and I chose to go with this because Aggressive Technologies cares more about money than valuing their workforce as you read in last week’s backstory with Xander and the company. You can find the full post here. My final assignment for the week was to create a public service announcement that gave a speech about our course character and relate it to the field of AI or to Aggressive Technologies. Once again, I chose the Aggressive Technologies route and made a news bulletin/PSA about how Xander was going to go public with the information he has on his former company and how they truly run their company. You can read and hear all about that in this post. The final task was commenting, which I did, as well as to create a blog post that required us to watch other people’s PSAs and try to think of how our character would respond to them. That post is located here and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it out.

I did not encounter too many issues this week when completing my assignments. I thought things went pretty smoothly this week and I enjoyed doing all of the assignments. From this week, I would say that creating the propaganda poster was my favorite. This is because I found it very enjoyable to create various images for the propaganda poster and finally decide on which one I wanted to use. It allowed me to be thorough and extra creative with the work that I was choosing and that made it more enjoyable. Once again, I did not encounter any issues this week for any of the assignments.

I definitely think that I accomplished all of the requirements for the assignments for this week and I think I did them to the best of my ability. Like stated before, my favorite assignment was the propaganda poster for our course character and their relation to AI/Aggressive Technologies. I would not do anything differently for the work that I did this week as it was completed with effort, time, and creativeness. I believe that there are no larger issues at hand with my work. I think that the assignments were done properly and with effort. I do not have any further questions at this time for the class. One thing I will focus on in the future, it just to get better at working with and understanding the OpenShot Video Editor just in case I am in need of using it again in the future.

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  1. Peter Leese

    Seems like you are very on top of your work, keep up the good work! Excited to see what you do with Xander in the future.

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