Week 8 Complete!

This week was very light on the work we needed to complete to be done with our week. I started the week by creating some Daily Creates. The first of which is here: Daily Create #1, the second, Daily Create #2, and the third, Daily Create #3. The first one we had to do had us pick something that goes unnoticed in everyday life and so I chose a pencil and you can read my blog post as to why I chose that. My second daily create asked us to create an image of the first sentence from a book, but add the words, “and then the dragons arrived,” to the end of the sentence and then create an image that represents that sentence. That daily create link is posted above. On Tuesday, I did my final daily create of the week and for this we needed to find a picture and turn it into a scrapbook coloring page. So, I found a really cool picture of a car in the mountains and decided to use that as my picture and once it was turned into a coloring page, I had some fun coloring the different parts in and seeing what I liked and what I could come up with. The next thing we had to do was create a product pitch to Aggressive Technologies about a free AI tool that can be used as a product within their company. I created a blog post about my product located here, but the main premise was that the product that I chose, Colossyan, could be used to create text-to-speech videos. It allowed the user to create various videos and clips that used different backgrounds, music, and avatars to basically create a video for anything. The last thing we needed to do was to create our groups for the Radio Station project that would be happening in Weeks 9 & 10. Once that was done, i did some commenting to round out my work for the week.

I did not encounter too many issues this week when completing my assignments. I thought things went pretty smoothly this week and I enjoyed doing all of the assignments. From this week, I would say that creating the AI pitch was my favorite. This is because I found it very enjoyable to create a pitch for a product that I used multiple times throughout the semester and was finally able to show it off. Once again, I did not encounter any issues this week for any of the assignments.

I definitely think that I accomplished all of the requirements for the assignments for this week and I think I did them to the best of my ability. Like stated before, my favorite assignment was the AI pitch for our course character to Aggressive Technologies. I would not do anything differently for the work that I did this week as it was completed with effort, time, and creativeness. I believe that there are no larger issues at hand with my work. I think that the assignments were done properly and with effort. I do not have any further questions at this time for the class. One thing I will focus on in the future, it just to get better at working with and understanding the Colossyan Video Generator just in case I am in need of using it again in the future.

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