Week of the Radio Show Completion!

So this week was our second week when it comes to working on our radio show project. This week was meant to be used to put everything together and come up with a final product that we could upload to YouTube or SoundCloud. Furthermore, one of the assignments that we had to do along with completing our radio show projects, was to write a blog post that talked about our progress that we made on the project as a whole. Going into this week, my group and I were very clear on what needed to get done and what still needed to be fixed up in terms of editing the final product together. Since everyone had made their bumpers and commercials last week, we decided to use this week to record our lines from our script that we created and then use those recording within Audacity to put everything together. As a result, the first thing each of did was record our lines and make sure everyone had around 6-7 minutes of talking time including the bumper and commercial to make sure that we would reach the 20-minute radio show requirement. All of us, ended up having to add some more to our lines to fit this requirement but nothing that caused too much of an issue. We then sent all the files to one person, me, since we were not all familiar with each other and were local to each other. Once I received the files, I was able to pick apart the audio files based on the script and cut and paste them into an new audio track that had everything in order based on the script. I was able to add some intro music, a extra transition into a commercial, and some outro music as well to make the podcast feel more legitimate. Once everything was put together, which was pretty simple to do since I had already used Audacity quite a bit this semester, I was able to export the file and send it to the rest of my group members for their feedback and approval. Once I gained approval, I uploaded it to SoundCloud for the final part of the project and that it where the project stands as of now. I enjoyed creating this show for the past two weeks and really showed off how the skills we had been learning for the previous 8 weeks really came into play when designing and producing an entire radio show like the one we ended up having. All of my group members were cooperative and I think we worked pretty well together as a team.


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  2. Peter Leese

    Working on this audio project with you and Kelli was a lot of fun. I hope you find our finished product enjoyable as much as I did!

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