Xander’s Propaganda

One of the assignments that we had to do this week was to create a poster that was categorized as propaganda related to our course character or to Aggressive Technologies. So, for my assignment description, I decided to create a propaganda poster that was both directly related to my course character and his opinion and view on Aggressive Technologies. In the picture, you can see my character, Xander Neoteric, standing in front of Aggressive Technologies main headquarters, and the title “Aggressive Tech: Profit Over People,” I chose this title because in one of my posts from last week I talked about how Aggressive Technologies severely mistreated Xander as an employee and put profits and revenue over valuing their employees and workers. Therefore, this poster serves as the perfect example of what type of company Aggressive Technologies is and what they truly stand for.

Since some of the aspects that we can focus on while creating propaganda is to consider the ethics and employment of one’s life, it makes sense that I chose to attack the company’s reputation for their unethical treatment of their employees. It helps to bring to light the truth behind how they construct their business and the types of shady things that they do from within their own walls. Another thing to consider while creating propaganda is the control and ownership of data and information and by stealing Xander’s idea and the data that he was working with, it falls right under this category and helps to reinforce the decisions that I made to create this for my propaganda assignment. You can see the full poster below and I think I did a good job of bringing all of the components talked about above into one picture while also making it visually appealing and easy to understand. I also think that the use of the subtle colors help to push the idea of propaganda even more. In order to create this, I used an AI-chatbot to create the image and gave them prompt that asked to put my course character in front of the Aggressive Technologies building with the text below it that states the line talked about before. I enjoyed creating this piece and think it works really well for the assignment and the requirements that we had to meet while completing the assignment.


  1. I laughed so hard at “profit over people”, haven’t we all worked for businesses with that mindset. The graphics on the poster are well done! The building is cool and the facial hair on the man is unexpected in a good way.

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  3. Love the poster! Looks super professional.

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