Xander’s Vision for Aggressive Technologies!

As you all know, in recent months Xander recently invented his biggest creation, a chip that can be implanted into one’s brain to use as an AI agent that is capable of many different things. However, once the new broke, some started to question whether Xander had stolen the idea because Aggressive Technologies had announced that they were beginning to work on something just like the chip Xander created around the time Xander made his announcement to the public. However, what most people do not know is that Xander once used to work for Aggressive Technologies as their Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, or CAIO. Xander was a brilliant mind in their company and was at the forefront of all their big projects related to the field of AI. As stated before, Aggressive Technologies had big plans to release a AI chip implant that would allow humans to access this chip whenever they deemed necessary and accomplish almost any task. Now, this is where Xander and his story starts. Xander had brought the idea to create an AI agent chip to the CEO of Aggressive Technologies, Max Sterling, and Sterling green-lighted the project. After many months, Xander was almost done creating the chip during his time with Aggressive Technologies, but that was when he found out through a colleague that works closely to Sterling that Aggressive Technologies had a far bigger agenda than Xander first thought.

Xander found out that the company he had devoted his life and mind to was planning on fully commercializing his invention and cut him out of it completely so that they could gain all the profit off his invention. This is when Xander truly realized that this idea that he devoted so much of his time and brain power to was in jeopardy of being spoiled. This is when he decided to leave Aggressive Technologies and pursue his own dream by himself. Xander left almost immediately and came out and said that he was starting his own company, Xander Technologies to pursue his idea of the AI agent chip implant. However, the public was skeptical especially since Aggressive Technologies had made a very similar announcement just a few weeks prior.

Most people speculated that Xander had stolen the idea from the company and went to start his own company so that he could fully profit off the sales and production of the chip if he was able to get it working and that is why he decided to try the chip on himself. The public created the theory that since he was working on his own in secret, he did not have anyone he could trust to try the chip on and so he needed to try it on himself. He realized that the public would never believe his side of the story, and he needed to find a way to get rid of the animosity towards him from the public. He decided there was only one thing to do. Remember that colleague that warned Xander of his former’s company notorious plan? It turns out that colleague had become an inside made for Xander and for month spent time compiling information for him so that he could out Aggressive Technologies for the frauds they were. Now, this colleague has a name, Jackson Sterling, the head of the financial department at Aggressive Technologies and the son of the CEO Max Sterling. After many months of collecting information, Xander was prepared to release a announcement to the public about the truth of why he really left his former company. By his side, stood Jackson Sterling that backed up every single word of Xander’s story and added even more important information so that the public could be convinced that it was his father, Max Sterling was the true villain of the story. After this press release, the stock of Xander Technologies took off, and now Xander owns one of the biggest tech companies in the world, and that is where Xander’s story is today.


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  2. the ai chip implant reminds me a bit of uhhh elon musks neural link? neuro link? something like that!! this is so interesting!!

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